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Hot Damn look at that richard cranium!

Our story is one that began like most of you guys. Everything is golden, you are throwing one back with the boys after a good lift sesh and you get that glance of your reflection or one of the mooks takes a picture of your cue ball that is forming. You are in your 20s, looking like a swole ass friar tuck in a tank.


Obviously we cant have that goat rodeo happening so we set off on a mission to find out how to fix this before we look like that creepy drunk uncle always trying to look at the bottom of your shoes. After research and trying everything to get our grubby paper hands on we began to hit pay dirt. After iteration upon iteration we came up with the jesus juice to make those three hairs left thicken and multiply like fat girls at the cheesecake factory. We present you with Watson's hair and skin products to make that hairless rat become the wookie it was meant to be.

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