How to apply Watsons Hair Restore

Ready to fix that situation and got your bottle of Watson's on hand? Best time to apply is right before bed so your poncho has time to absorb and rest. To start wash that skullet well with a quality shampoo and ensure you scrub well to break up old skin and oils on the scalp and/or beard areas. Now is a perfect time to use one your Watson's Derma Roller to break up DHT caused calcium deposits and get the surface prepped. Shake bottle well to ensure even mixture and  apply Watson's Hair Restore to the problem areas, or all areas you wish for thicker hair or regrowth. This will dry in a clear layer, some residue from the oils and zinc are normal. When you wake up simply rinse your hair or go about your business as usual.

Repeat daily, everyone is different and it may take up to 6 weeks before results get really obvious, during testing many were seeing results within 2 weeks.

Watson's Hair Restore Advanced

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